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Thank you for visiting my online store. 

At Rose Among Thorns Creations -- R*A*T me out-- ® we not only value and believe in the power of nature’s beauty to refresh, we know that the power of one’s own nature is immense.  We have created unique apparel, fashion accessories, and home décor drawing from nature’s offerings. But, it's not just about dressing you in nature's beauty. Our message is, "Be a rose by showing kindness to those around you and know that you are amazing, important and needed." 


I grew up in the Midwest in a family with seven brothers. Being the only girl, people joked that I was the "rose among thorns."  I've never considered my brothers as "thorns" or myself a "rose", but I did connect with the concept of standing out by showing kindness to others. We don't always know what people are going through in their lives, but a kind word or gesture can be an invaluable gift. 

I took the acronym R*A*T from my business name and am putting a fun twist on "ratting" or tattling on each other.  Make it a positive and "R*A*T" on each other for being a "rose", for showing kindness to one another. Stay tuned for my "R*A*T me out" media campaign.


I lived out west during my young adult life, but then transferred to northern MN with my husband and young family. We enjoy many outdoor activities and are refreshed by our beautiful surroundings.


I have enjoyed photography since childhood. Over the years, I've seen many captivating photographs that I would love to buy, but I have no room in my home to hang them. That dilemma took me on this adventure to create something useful with my photos. 

You will find dresses/tunics, skirts, draped kimonos/capes, scarves, beanies, leggings, capris, headbands/neck bands, tote bags, zippered pouches, pillows, and art prints. Tank tops are coming soon.

If you see a design you like but want it applied to another type of product that you see sold in my online store, contact me. I will do my best to make it happen. For instance if you see a design on a skirt and want to see it on a pillow, contact me with the item number and what type of product you want that design transferred to.  Email: 


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