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We have the regular category of scarves and we have a separate Heirloom Silk Shawl/Scarf collection. Your silk scarf, if well cared for, will be an heirloom that can be handed down through the generations. 

When ordering in the regular category of scarves, you can choose the fabric of your scarf. See the Fabric Choices/Care Instructions tab on our Home page. The fabric descriptions provide details that will allow you to choose the fabric you would like your scarf to be made of.  These scarves have a rolled edge with a threaded wrap stitch. See photo on left side below.   The right side photo shows the Heirloom collection folded hem.    

  Left- Thread wrapped edge.        Right- Folded hem edge.  

Our Heirloom Collection scarves are made from 100% 10 mm silk habotai with the folded hem.

Synthetic polychiffon is an easier care fabric, but is see through. The scarf in the left side photo is made of polychiffon. The Heirloom 10 mm silk habotai fabric isn't as see through and the color transfers nicely through to the back. Right side photo. Silk fabric requires hand washing and extra gentle care. 

If cared for correctly, (see Fabric Choices/Care Instructions tab) all of these scarves will last for years to be passed down to other family members as an heirloom. Whether you order a synthetic polychiffon or a 100% silk habotai scarf, we hope you enjoy the color and design.  They are beautiful enough to display as a wall hanging but of course wear them, as well!